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super storm sandy. and president obama and governor mitt romney wasted no time going on the attack. >> reporter: air force one dropped president obama at his first stop green bay. after three days off the campaign trail, the president wasted no time confronting mitt romney's twist on bringing change to washington. >> he is saying's he is the candidate of change. let me tell you, wisconsin. we know what change looks like. >> yeah! [ applause and cheers ] >> and what the governor's offering sure ain't change. >> reporter: president obama then jetted to las vegas to deliver his closing argument in another key battleground state. >> it's more than just a choice between two candidates. it's more than just a choice between two parties. you're going to be making a choice between two fundamentally different visions of america. >> reporter: the president will be in eight different states before the weekend is over. for both white house
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candidates, it's now an all-out sprint to election day. mitt romney concentrated on virginia thursday. he toned down his speeches after sandy hit but was on the attack again at hey rally in the richmond suburbs. >> this is an election where i think we're not going to just shape the country for four years but for a generation. >> reporter: romney returned to another criticism of the president at a window and door factory in roanoke. >> they are making products for america and they and their family and all the people who work at marvin, they did build this! >> reporter: recent polls have the president up by just two points in virginia. nationally the race is a tie. the president will have a full day of campaigning in ohio tomorrow. romney will campaign in wisconsin and ohio. elections officials say more than 19 million have already voted in this presidential election. live at the white house, danielle nottingham cbs 5. a respected shop owner
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known for his generosity was shot to death in an apparent robbery attempt at his cell phone store on international boulevard near 92nd avenue. da lin shows us how friends and family are remembering a man recorded as a pillar in the community. >> reporter: the makeshift memorial outside of his store continues to grow. police say it was inside that store someone robbed and killed him and that's angered a lot of people because they say he works very hard to help the young people in this community. tears, anger and disbelief that swung killed a man to gave so much to a community that has so little. >> he was always giving the kids raider tickets. kids would come in he would give them money to feed them if they were hungry. >> it's such a sad,
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sad moment not because of just what's been taken from us but because of what's been taken from everyone else. my father was an amazing man. >> reporter: the police chief and the victim's family spoke out this afternoon asking witnesses to speak up and help solve the killing. >> personally saddened by this senseless act of violence and i pledge to this family and community that we will forge as many resources as we can into finding the killer. >> reporter: police say someone robbed wilber bartley as he was closing his metro pcs cell phone store around 7:20 last night in east oakland. before that he was even passing out halloween candy between neighborhood kids. investigators say the gunman fired a number of shots during the robbery killing the well liked small business owner. >> he gave continuously without a second thought. >> reporter: neighbors and customers lit candles, dropped off flowers and wrote message
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for the man they knew as marcus inside of the store. >> we can't have pillars of our community murdered and just gone unjustly. >> a humble kindred spirit and once again i'm very hurt and appalled behind this. >> reporter: before they can find out why someone killed him, the police say they first need to catch the gunman. police say someone robbed marcus back in 2007. they say the robber shot and killed his dog back then. this time, he is oakland's 107th homicide victim of the year. live in oakland, i'm da lin cbs 5. developing news out of the northeast. three days after sandy slammed the region, tempers are flaring. and emotions are running high. the u.s. death toll has climbed to more than 80. the storm is blamed on 157 deaths total. it's unknown how many people are missing but searches are happening in several states. rising floodwaters have tens of thousands stranded in their
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homes. and 4.6 million homes and businesses are still without power. in new jersey, entire communities are unrecognizable. large areas of the coastline are in ruins with homes, piers and boardwalks wrecked. and now drivers are facing long lines for gas. this line wrapped around for miles as drivers waited hours to fill up at the few stations that still have both electricity and supplies. and it's a traffic nightmare in new york city. new york subways are providing limited service today and drivers trying to get into the city faced gridlock. cbs reporter vinita nair is in lower manhattan tonight. >> reporter: i'm here in lower manhattan standing in front of one of the many tunnels that remain flooded here in new york city. new yorkers are facing headaches when it comes to mass transit as well as power outages. con ed says it could be until november 11 before all the lights are turned back on across the city. in terms of mass transit, there
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have certainly been creative solutions. when it comes to the major routes bringing you into the city, the city is requesting that no driver arrive in a car with fewer than three people the way they are solving this problem if you get to a checkpoint and it is you alone, you're basically asked to take two more people into the car with you, strangers who you may or may not know. new yorkers are taking it in stride. they are doing the best they can but keep in mind, it is a long way until we are back to full strength. reporting in lower manhattan, vinita nair. >> air force bases in california are coordinating a massive airlift to help with hurricane relief efforts. today a giant c-5 cargo plane took off from travis air force base. the plane joined others from southern california carrying utility trucks and relief supplies. more from the disaster zone coming up on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley." well, one city in the east bay is trying to tax sodas to combat obesity. if the initiative passes it will be the first in the nation
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but not everyone thinks it's a good idea. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman with reaction on the new controversial measure. mike. reporter: well, allen, this coca-cola may as well have a bull's eye on it but it's not just coca-cola. some kinds of chocolate milk, orange juice, anything with add sugar or high fructose corn syrup. they want to tax it. >> reporter: a little red wagon carrying 40 pounds of sugar has captured national attention in richmond. >> 40 pounds is the amount of sugar that each of richmond's children take in just from sodas alone every year. >> reporter: richmond city council member jeff ritter man who is also a heart doctor is the heart and soul of measure n. it would tax businesses a penny an ounce of sugary drinks sold. it would be the first of its kind in the nation. >> a third of our latino and a third of our african-american students are obese and another 20% are overweight in each group. those young people are going to die younger than they should.
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>> reporter: the money raised he says would go towards more health programs in schools. businesses here are fighting it for cost reasons. so let's say i bought this 20- ounce coke at la bamba taqueria which cost a buc 85. with the tax it was another 20 cents. a bottle of orange juice from concentrated that's sweetened this bottle will cost 15 cents more from any convenience store. if i bought either in the neighboring city of el cerrito, it would be cheaper. cheaper, more expensive. cheaper, more expensive. >> did cigarette taxes hurt businesses? well, to some extent. you know, they made less money on cigarettes but we wanted that. >> reporter: at this hair salon, the buzz is about measure n and at least here among the ladies it's not popular. >> people are still going to buy soda regardless. >> reporter: rosalin butler understands we have an obesity
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crisis but says this is no way to fix it. >> i believe that starts in the home. >> reporter: big soda has poured five million dollars into defeating measure n. proponents have raised only $70,000. proponents say it would raise $3 million for the city but say it doesn't necessarily have to go to the schools. they would like it to but there's nothing in the law about it. in richmond, mike sugerman, cbs 5. two separate wrecks involving a big rig and nine cars on highway 101 in san francisco this afternoon blocked three lanes of the highway south of 280 for nearly two hours. this video was taken about an hour ago. all three lanes have since reopened and the chp says only minor injuries were reported. he's an american. that's the thing. >> not exactly on his sleeve. it's more like getting it off his chest. the giant message that stole the show at wednesday's parade. >> high blood pressure isn't just a heart threat.
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the damage it does to your brain in middle age without showing any signs of a problem. >> good evening to you. meteorologist paul deanno. the skies are clearing out slowly. the radar hi-def doppler is cleared out a little quicker. there's nothing on the radar right now. find out how long we'll stay dry and wait until you see the weekend forecast. i'll have it for you coming up. >> then forget camping out overnight to get the best black friday deal. the day after thanksgiving isn't what it used to be. the four trends turning black friday gray this holiday shopping season. ,,,,,,,,
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and in this case - a picture speaks about a million word- gi if there ever was a photo wore think of the front page, in this case speaks about a million words give our take a few giants fans on market treat. ace closer sergio romo soaking up the love and the glory during wednesday's parade but there's something you can't quite see on this front page. even if it's already framed on your wall. >> the four words there on sergio romo's shirt.
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cbs 5's len ramirez has reaction to those words. >> got him looking. reporter: by striking out the final batter to win the world series pitcher sergio romo became a hero to giants fans by wearing a t-shirt at the parade with the message i just look illegal a became a folk hero to many mexican- americans. >> nowadays where everything is censored that he could step out of that circle and speak his mind. >> he is an american and that's probably why he wears that shirt. >> reporter: this advertising executive says if romo was trying to make a statement about racial profiling it was a stroke of genius. >> the message is really simple. you can't make judgments calls on the way people look. it's a simple message. i think it's gotten so much play because many of us feel that way. >> reporter: romo is a u.s.- born mexican-american with farm worker parents raised in brawley california near the mexican border one of the smallest players with one of the biggest arms also known as a prankster.
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in 2010, he wore what looked like an iconic beatles t-shirt with the words, the beaners instead. his message to tens of thousands of fans yesterday, echoed his t-shirt message. >> there's one thing that i have noticed about my team is we are a great example of this city. look at the diversity of personalities where we're all coming from the different faces from different places, the different folks and different strokes. >> reporter: although not everyone agrees with him. do you think he should have made that statement at that time in that place? >> probably not. definitely -- he wanted attention. obviously he definitely got it. >> reporter: that's for sure. the southern california company which made the t-shirts is being asked to print more. and it's exploding on social media. >> i heard it on twitter. i follow him on twitter and i thought it was pretty funny and to me, instantly it didn't really click as something that was bad, just funny going along
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with how he is normally. >> reporter: for someone throwing pitches it's a fastball down the middle of a hot button issue. len ramirez, cbs 5. >> the company that made the shirt said it only sold about 40 of them in the last two years. it sold more than 100 yesterday afternoon. black friday isn't what it used to be. the eight things turning black friday gray into tonight's consumerwatch. >> and what's good for your heart is good for your brain. how your blood pressure numbers today can affect your memory later in life. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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by in this tough economy...r tough economy... for many americans it means losing tr company is a lot of people are struggling to get by in this tough economy but for many americans it means losing their homes but one company is giving them a chance to reclaim what's theirs. for the past 20 years, the neighborhood assistance corporation of america has hosted events just like this one in san jose. they are giving homeowners and buyers free advice on how to save some cash. >> lower the mortgage would help me a lot and i have to pay child support to my wife -- ex- wife -- to make ends meet. >> the event goes through monday at mcenery convention's south-hall. doors open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. the official start to the holiday shopping season a month
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away but shoppers will be surprised that black friday may be a little different this year. on the consumerwatch, julie watts here with the top four ways black friday is changing. jewelry. >> reporter: well, one of the most noticeable is amazon with a deal of the day through black friday. remember this? you no longer have to brave the black friday stampedes. the biggest change to black friday is that it's no longer just one day a year. black friday has itself expanded it a four-day weekend with many stores opening early on thanksgiving. and while some have already begun their sales, others will offer deeper discounts into late into december. no change, you don't have to set foot in the store at all. an estimated 70% of black friday bargains can now be found online because as consumer psychologist kate yarrow points out, retailers realize that's what consumers want.
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>> what we have is a bargain hungry consumer who is very sophisticated about online shopping so the old-fashioned way of black friday occurring in store at a particular time really doesn't meet the mentality of today's consumer. therefore, retailers are accommodating that by taking black friday online. >> reporter: other significant changes to black friday, stores used to sue someone when they leaked their black friday ads in advance. now they're handing them out to black friday sales sites themselves. more and more stores are price matching competitors including though black friday deals offered online. last year, retailers racked up more than $50 billion in sales over the four-day black friday weekend. but as the sales continue to start earlier and earlier, storm believe we should change the name to gray friday. >> all right, julie. >> speaking of gray, we had a little bit of gray skies yesterday but moving into some
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sunshine? >> it was a gray wednesday, partially gray thursday. friday get used to blue sky. not right now at the golden gate. here's a live look outdoors. we still have the cloud cover rolling through the golden gate. let me show it to you. there is a shot right there. differently story in san jose. our new high definition camera on top of the knight ridder building. we'll have beautiful weather for the next several days. san francisco right now 62, oakland 67, everybody in the 60s. hi-def doppler is showing dry conditions up and down the bay area. but things are changing. now that we're in a new month we're looking at 2.5" of rainfall into the month of november double what we typically have in october and look at december one of our wettest months so we're trending wetter but won't see much rain. san francisco dropping down to 53 overnight. the front came through overnight. we had clearing rapidly today. first the rain moved out and
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then the clouds moved out. and we're going to see mainly clear skies overnight. here's what we have going on with our forecast for the next several days. high pressure beginning to build in now. that's giving us a light onshore flow. that's why we're cloudy at the golden gate and why tomorrow for some of you we'll start off cloudy. high pressure expanding inside inn size and reach coming up over the weekend. and that's what's going to give us absolutely perfect superb weekend weather especially for november. mainly sunny skies a dry northwest flow of air will give us beautiful weather for several days starting tomorrow. so mainly sunny skies, mornings will be chilly down to the 40s for a lot of you but afternoons will be warm. some of you getting into the 80s over the weekend. tomorrow 68 for oakland 70 for concord and three degrees below average for. san jose that's 69 degrees. sunnyvale 70, walnut creek 71, pleasant hill 71. 70 for santa rosa. mill valley tomorrow 68 degrees. extended forecast, a lot of sunshine for november.
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80s through the week and dry. and it's a new month and it's also a new season for air quality. with more on that, roberta gonzales is live tonight. >> reporter: today is the first day of winter "spare the air" day. i converted from gas. my son suffers from asthma. i just love this. i took out the wood and put in candles. and this is another way that you can still light up during those winter "spare the air" days. if you don't abide by the very new rules and regulations in place, you could end up at smoke school. we'll talk about that tonight at 6:00 right here on cbs 5. >> all right. thanks, roberta. untreated high blood pressure can take a real toll on the heart. but now california researchers have shown how it can also damage the brain. and get this. in people as young as 40! dr. kim joins with us more. reporter: well, what's bad
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for your heart is bad for your brain. this is sobering news. researchers at uc-davis have shown for the first time that high blood pressure speeds up the aging process in the brain. what's more, they found brain damage even among young people with prehypertension. reporter: high blood pressure has been linked to brain atrophy, cognitive decline and dementia later in life but this is the first time scientists have detected brain injury in running whyer patients with the condition. the concern -- in younger patients, with the condition. the concern it could lead to earlier dementia. the good news bay area experts say you can influence your brain health later in life by knowing and treating high blood pressure and by knowing risk factors you can change. >> for example, for young people, weight gain being overweight high salt diet, not paying attention to what you eat, inactivity like sitting in front of the tv. >> the researchers used mri scans to evaluate brain health. on average, the 33-year-old
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with high blood pressure had the brain of a 40-year-old. in other words, those 33-year- olds with high blood pressure prematurely ages their brains by 7 years. >> wow. that's -- >> reporter: imagine when you're at 60. >> no. >> reporter: okay. >> get off that couch. >> okay. thanks, kim. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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this is hayden. ,,,,,,,, that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us.
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that might be the cure for e bay area's giants hangover - once it sets in. cbs 5 reporter ken bastida is livn san francisco to get a sensf st how people ar call us in the spring might be the cure for giants hangover once it sets in. ken bastida live in mobile5 in san francisco. a sense of how people are feeling the day after the parade. >> reporter: everybody loves a winner. right? how long they love them, well, we'll find out we brought mobile5 down here to the foot of california. this is where the vendors set up. we asked a couple of them one guy in particular, goody, are you still selling the t shirts the day after the parade is this are people still interested? here's what he had to say.
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>> reporter: it hasn't slowed down. >> no, only me myself. i'm getting wore out. for the last five days i have been selling here giants gear. i'm kind of tired but standing strong. >> reporter: so goody says to me, actually, he had 2010 shirts and hats that he was selling right before they won the world series. they won the world series, he whipped out the 2012 stuff. that sold out. he sold actually 80 dozen shirts in just the last two days. of course there was a parade down market street. that helped a lot. one gentleman came by, bought a hat and i said, who are you buying that for? haven't you got your hat yet? it's for my buddy in south carolina now that the giants are world champs. i got have a san francisco giants hat. so there you go. they love him them for a long time around here, i guess. in mobile5, back to you guys. and i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. will prop 30 pass? it looks like it's going to be close. the results of a new field poll
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and the reaction from governor brown. why some teachers are so skeptical. >> and when is the last time you picked up a pay phone? they are suddenly in demand on the east coast because of sandy. how users are getting a wake-up call though when they see the bill. we'll have that and more at 6:00. >> all right, dana, thanks. see you then. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> remember, the latest news and weather are always on captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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